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Gold Casting

Gold casting is the process of melting gold, which is usually a precious metal, to give a certain form or design. This process is widely used in jewelry making, art and industrial applications. Here is the general information about gold casting:

  1. Gold Selection: Gold used for gold casting is usually in the jewelry class. The purity of gold is expressed by a measure called carat. 24 carat gold is completely pure, but mixed carats are often used in jewelry making to make it more durable.

  2. Melting and Liquid Making: For gold casting, initially gold is melted at high temperatures in a special stove or oven. This makes gold liquid.

  3. Design and Pattern: After the gold becomes liquid, a mold is used to obtain the desired design. This pattern is usually specially prepared and determines the form of the desired jewelry or object.

  4. Casting Process: Gold is cooled by pouring into the mold. After cooling, a solid piece of gold with the desired form and design emerges.

  5. Recent Transactions: The spilled piece of gold can then be polished, shaped and optionally added stones or other decorative elements to give a special look.

  6. Different Casting Techniques: There are several different techniques used for gold casting, including the loss-shoot method, pressure casting and central casting. Each technique can be selected in accordance with different design needs and quality standards.

Gold Setting

Gold is classified using a measure called a gauge to determine its value. This setting indicates the amount of pure gold contained in gold. Here is the basic information about the gold setting:

  • 24 Carat Gold (24 Carat): The purest form of gold. It consists entirely of pure gold, but is not used in jewelry making, because it is very soft and has low durability.

  • 22 Carat Gold (22 Carats): Contains 91.67% pure gold. It is moderately soft and is frequently preferred in jewelry making.

  • 18 Carat Gold (18 Carat): It contains 75% pure gold. It is durable and valuable, so it is popular in jewelry making.

  • 14 Carat Gold (14 Carat): It contains 58.33% pure gold. It provides greater durability and is frequently used in America.

  • 10 Carat Gold (10 Carat): It contains 41.67% pure gold. It contains more alloys and increases durability, but the gold content is lower.

The gold setting is usually specified as nationalmal notation (expression in thousandths). For example, 18 carat gold contains 750/1000 pure gold, because the expression per thousand of 18 carats is 750.

In jewelry selection, gold setting is an important factor according to both aesthetic preferences and budget. Although higher settings are usually more valuable, lower settings can be more durable. Contact us for detailed information and special designs.