About Us

Çarşı Döküm - The Address Where Gold Is Spilled With Finesity

Çarşı Döküm, which has been a workshop where precious metals are poured with elegance since 2003, is a company known for its quality and expertise in the gold sector.

The master's commitment to his craft stems from the intense emotions he feels in making the thought in his mind a reality. Çarşı Döküm has been increasing its quality models for years. In today's modern world, with its modern and innovative products...

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to provide the best gold casting service to our valued customers with its recognition and reliability in the sector. Our mission is to act with a customer-oriented, ethically committed and sustainable success understanding.

Çarşı Döküm continues to make a difference in the sector with its expertise in gold art, quality service understanding and customer satisfaction-oriented approach. Discover the unique beauty of gold with us!

Do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information and cooperation requests. Thank you!

Experience and Trust

Çarşı Döküm has been leading in the sector in gold casting for more than 18 years. Our expert staff reflects our commitment to providing the highest level of service and quality to our valued customers.

Innovation in Gold Art

By closely following the technological developments and constantly researching innovative solutions, Çarşı Döküm brings an important dimension to the art of gold. Innovation and constructiture form the basis of our gold processing process.

Customer Satisfaction Oriented Service

Çarşı Döküm strives to understand and meet the special demands of each of our customers, based on customer satisfaction. We always keep the value and trust we offer to our customers at the highest level.

Projects and Achievements

Çarşı Döküm has made a name for itself in the sector with many special projects and casting works it has carried out. We are proud to bring together the aesthetic and technical features of gold and to create unique and original designs.

silver diamond studded ring with blue gemstone
silver diamond studded ring with blue gemstone